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And Then Along Comes Mary (Part Four)

Mojo is our ‘little lady’. She is petite but ferocious. She doesn’t take any nonsense from her bigger brothers and gives as good as she takes when a wrestling match ensues. She is a lap kitty for sure, but loves to snuggle by burrowing under pillows and blankets, and me.

If I am lying in bed, she will continuously head butt my arm until I raise it high enough for her to move underneath. She routinely walks across my chest, stomach, and bladder with abandon. Ultimately she will nestle between my legs with her head resting on my belly. She is comfortable outside in weather the other cats will not tread in, spending most of the evening outdoors.

Mary, who we affectionately call ‘momma’ now, is a Cinderella story of transformation. From feral to motherhood to house cat to loyal companion. Without putting too fine a point on it, she swoons in my presence, longs for my caress, and goes bonkers over a piece of ham or turkey from my hand.

I haven’t always had that effect on women, but it’s heartwarming to know I do now.

Spot is a mischievous cat, constantly stretching boundaries to see what he can get away with – and then apologizing in a heartfelt manner for his misdeeds that ensures all will be forgiven. Like all cats, he is a toe bandit. If he climbs into bed, it’s not to snuggle, but to wage a sneak attack on my toes. We have taken to using heavy blankets on the bed to insure we maintain all five toes on each foot.

He loves to sit in the chair in my office, and will repeatedly bite my shin until I get up and leave the room to him. He has an auto-purr setting that is easily triggered.

Here, Spot and Mary celebrate after wolfing down some tuna.

Spot and Mojo gaze wistfully at birdies outside.

Spot bites Frisky, while Macho officiates

Bird watching.

Afternoon snack.

Kitten lookout patrol.

Night duty.

Waiting patiently for Phyllis to return home.

Macho and Spot wrestle.

So there you have it. The kittens turned four this past March (2018), and Mary will be five in October. We’ve had cats in our life for more years than I can count, but this experience has been both unique and definitive. Exploring aspects of cat behavior and interaction to a depth I’ve never plumbed before, the result has been (and continues to be) rewarding and fulfilling.

While the world is awash with cat tails and cat fancies, this is ours. We sorely miss the cats that have left us, but are forever grateful for the ones we still have. I would encourage anyone considering a feline pet to think about at least getting two, always from the same litter. The camaraderie they will share with one another will enrich your family, and provide memories for eons to come.

Kitten Secrets

Mary waits for me when I’m in the bathroom.

Frisky can sleep through an earthquake.

Macho dries my feet when I come out of the shower.

Spot waits patiently in line to be brushed.

Mojo doesn’t cover up her poop.

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